Our Board of Directors

Colleen M. Tosel, CPA – Dana F Cole & Co., LLP joined the AAHS Board in 2012.Tosel has over 37 years of work experience including at the Minnesota Department of Revenue and other public accounting firms. She currently resides near Appleton with her husband David who farms and drives semi. Jill and David have four children – Leonard, Gil, John, Anne and eight grandchildren. When Colleen is not working, she enjoys reading and gardening.

When asked what she’s most proud of at AAHS, she said, “I am most proud of the caring staff.”

Rev. Herbert (Herb) Rotunda, Ordained Clergy of the United Church of Christ has served the First Congregational UCC in Appleton since July 1992 and the First Presbyterian Church of Dawson since September 2000. Rev. Rotunda is also the on-call chaplain through the Appleton and Dawson ministerial associations. Prior to his clergy career, Herb was a grain trader. Rev. Rotunda grew up in Granada, MN and now lives in Appleton. He is the father of three grown sons — Gregory, Geoffrey & Phillip and grandfather of two delightful little people — Morgan & Cameron. Herb serves on the local and regional library boards along with a state church conference committee.

Rev. Rotunda tells us, “I appreciate the respect that patients are shown in the hospital and residents in the care center and Apple Ridge Estates. It is important to respect the dignity of all persons at all stages of life and this facility does that well.”

Jill Swenson, Co-owner of Appleton Power Equipment joined the AAHS Board in 2012. Swenson has worked at AAHS herself and Madison Lutheran Home and has over ten years of healthcare related work experience. She currently resides in Appleton, with her husband Shawn. Jill and Shawn are also blessed with a son (Quinn), daughter (Courtney) and grandson (Aiden). Mya (Chihuahua) and Leo (bengal cat) are also considered part of the family. When Jill is not working, she enjoys antiquing at garage sales and flea markets.

When asked what she’s most proud of at AAHS, she said, “I am most proud of the quality medical services available in a small town, caring atmosphere.”

Chad Syltie, Credit Manager for West-Con joined the AAHS Board in 2011. Syltie has over 19 years of experience in credit departments. He lives in Appleton with his wife and two boys – Ross (15) and Mitchell (11). Chad’s wife is a homemaker and substitute teacher at Appleton Elementary. When Chad is not working you can find him at the golf course, 4-wheeler park or out hunting. His main enjoyment is family sports activities and vacationing.

When asked what he’s most proud of at AAHS, he said, “I’m very proud of the employees at AAHS. They are very dedicated to their facility even when things are not going so well.”