Pay My Bill

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When Do I Pay my Co-pay?

AAHS collects any co-pay at the time of registration.  If you are unable to make a payment, we are more than happy to help set-up a payment plan.

What Types of Payment Do you Accept?

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Automatic Withdrawls.

To enroll in automatic bank withdrawls, please download the Automatic Transfer Authorization and bring to your bank. Also, please notify AAHS when this will be started.

How Do I Request Financial Assistance?

Charity Care Applications are available upon request.

How Can I Make a Payment?

To make a payment, please contact Jodi in our business office.

Who Do I Contact With Questions?

If you have a specific question about your account, please contact Jodi at ext. 8523.

AAHS serves all patients regardless of ability to pay. Discounts for essential services are offered depending upon family size and income. You may apply for this discount at registration.